Magnetic Shoe Closures

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Product description: 

  • Plastic& Magnets.
  • The Magnetic shoe closures/buckles are quite simply the fastest and easiest way to get in and out of your own shoes! No tying, no knots, no squeezing, no laces coming undone, no sloppy bows.
  • When the magnets are separated it's as if you have no shoelaces at all, so you can easily slide into a wide open shoe. Then, just click the magnets together and that's it! Go for a run. Afterwards, just step on your heel and pop out of your shoes hands-free.
  • The magnets are specially engineered to be incredibly strong for their sizes. So you can run, jump, play recreational sports, or just make your everyday casual shoes super convenient.                   

Feature: Unisex and all-match, suitable for sports shoes, casual shoes and sneakers.                 

Size: approx. 4.1cm x 2.5cm x 0.6cm 

Weight: 26g 

Package: 1 Pair Magnetic Shoe Closures